Directorate of Medical Education

Old Nurses Hostel, DKS Bhawan Parisar, Raipur CG

Candidates are requested to check for 1st round  (allotment & Admission Schedule)  Counseling updates on cgdme.co.in.  The 1st round Counseling dates are subject to final outcome of  WP(C) 916,919,923,924/2017 Pending in the Honorable High court of Chhattisgarh (Bilaspur) . As per the directions of Honorable Supreme Court in WP(C) 260/2017 the state shall complete the first round of counseling for state quota (MD/MS/Diploma & MDS) by 07-05-2017.


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     Date 29 Dec 2018: बी.एस.सी. नर्सिंग पाठयक्रम 2018 पुनः (चौथी बार) आबंटन सूचना.....More
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     Dated 27 Nov 2018 : बी.एस.सी.नर्सिंग एवं जी.एन.एम.पाठ्यक्रम हेतु नये पजींयन की सूचना।.....More
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     Dated 24 Nov 2018 : बी0एस0सी0 नर्सिंग पुनः आॅनलाईन पंजीयन सूचना।.....More
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     Dated 26 Oct 2018 : 1st provisional Allotment List of Govt. and Pvt. BSc Nursing Adm. Yr 2018.......More
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